"You have certainly been a big help to me, especially in terms of getting more perspective and I feel helping me to cope with some of the truths that perhaps I have been running away from . . ."

How can therapy help you?

People come into therapy for all sorts of reasons, they may be depressed, anxious or stressed.   It may be triggered by life events for example bereavement or a difficult life transition.  People also come to talk about their relationships, sex, culture or gender issues.   Many have experienced trauma that they are struggling to come to terms with.  These are just a few examples, generally therapists work alongside people who are unhappy with their life at the present time.

What Can I expect in my therapy?

Sometimes in the beginning you may find it difficult to talk about what is troubling you particularly if you feel embarrassed or are shy, therefore I believe it is important for you to set your own pace for the sessions and to feel supported and understood.  I offer a confidential, non-judgemental, warm and caring environment for my clients, a place where you can talk about painful issues safe in the knowledge that someone is listening and supporting you to come to terms with  your problems and where possible helping you to find solutions.