"I want to write to you to really thank you for your hard work with me over the last few months. I haven't felt this mentally well for what feels like a long time. You have patiently and expertly helped me to come to terms with and accept and to move on from some really bad emotions and thoughts and for that I am so grateful . . ."

This is a mutual agreement negotiated between the Counsellor and the Client prior to the commencement of counselling.  It articulates the responsibilities of the Counsellor towards the Client, and also the Client's responsibilities in the counselling relationship.  


This is a very important aspect of the counselling relationship.  Everything that we discuss in the counselling session is kept in the strictest confidence.  As a Member of the BACP, every counsellor has regular supervision and sometimes I will discuss my work with my supervisor. However, I will not disclose your name or anything that would enable you to be identified.  If you are being treated by your doctor for emotional difficulties, it is important that you inform him or her about me, and vice versa.  I will not confer with your doctor without your knowledge and permission.   I will keep brief notes after a session, which will be securely stored, and there is no way you would be able to be identified from the notes.  Occasionally I might want to make an audio recording of our session for the purpose of monitoring my work, but this would only occur with your prior knowledge and permission.  Again this data is securely stored and destroyed after use.


Our sessions will last for around 50 minutes, and we will usually meet once a week, at the same time and day each week, however there are occasions when it may not be possible, for example people who work shifts.  Therefore I will try to accommodate these requirements.  Please be aware that if you arrive part way through your session I am happy to see you however I will not be able to overrun on our allotted time.